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This is a personal instrument that I've used in various projects over the years. but as one's music evolves, so do the instrument requirements - and so this one will need to find a good home.

I'll direct you to the vid here for more details on the provenance and origin of the project: 

There are some issues with the current oud neck. The oud neck head stock has cracked, though never detached, twice. The second time, I had to repair it myself and while not elegant, it has been rock solid and stable for years.

Also this was configured as a 7 course, but the spacing on this neck for 7 courses is quite narrow.

Ultimately, both the original luthier - now retired - and I agree that the traditional angled headstock was not an ideal way to go, in hindsight, for an instrument this big and weighty.

However, I have a unique opportunity to make this correct for the next owner:

I have been consulting with a local oudist /guitarist/luthier, who i can vouch for his work. He has analyzed this piece, understands the issues and is standing to by make a new neck - with a regular neck angle this time - and so we have room to dial in some specifics to your taste and requirements.

He can also do some light fret dressing on the electric neck, and do some touch up work on the body side, which shows some scuffing from the gig bag, which didn't quite  quite fit with the oud headstock (yet another reason to change the oud neck to a regular angle).

The instrument has served for me well for the project at the time, with numerous gigs and  demo recordings:


and a live album. 

I have upwards of 4000 USD in this instrument. I will let it go for $2500 as is, or $3000 with the new neck made to your order.

There is a lot to talk about here, so email me, and we can discuss specifics.

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