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Oud Strings is more than just a store, we are lifelong musicians and experts in the oud. Whether you are a beginner or a professional we can help you keep playing.

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Oud Strings is run by a professional oud player.
58.5 cm, Arabic tuning, low tension, plain g - Pyramid
58.5 cm, Arabic tuning, low tension, plain g - Pyramid
Regular price $53.79

A low tension set for Arabic tuning at 58.5 cm. Best used if you have an instrument coming out of major repair, or if you're really trying to cop that Arabic tone on this scale length.

While there are Arabic ouds built  at 58.5 cm, if you have a 58.5 cm scale length oud, it is more likely to be a Turkish build. A Turkish oud  at 58.5 cm  may sound better with the medium tension sets.

Experiment,  or check with your oud maker on how your instrument is tuned and braced.

This set averages to 3.28 kg, 3.31  in the 7 course.
C 1237 3.45 kg
F 1024 x2 3.27 kg
A 1016 x2 3.21 kg
d 1109 x2 3.26 kg
g RN850 x2 3.27 kg
c' RN650 x2 3.34 kg

For a 7 course for this set, use the high f' of RN500 at 3.45 kg.

This also makes for a good medium set at 60 cm, averaging 3.44 kg:

C 1237 3.62 kg
F 1024 x2 3.42 kg
A 1016 x2 3.37 kg
d 1109 x2 3.41 kg
g RN850 x2 3.42 kg
c' RN650 x2 3.52 kg

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LaBella Lute String .020 Silver Plated Copper Wound
LaBella Lute String .020 Silver Plated Copper Wound
Regular price $1.49

One premium .020 in. LaBella string, silver-plated copper wound on nylon multifilament thread.
These are high-quality strings used by many professionals and an excellent value.
We use these in our LaBella custom sets and they are available for any custom set.