Aquila 'Lute' 0.97 mm. Rectified New Nylgut Premium String

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Aquila's premium 'lute' strings from their 'early instruments' series.

These are Aquila's top quality nylgut strings, for perfect intonation. 

We use these in our Aquila custom sets and in many of our other custom sets.

New Nylgut® strings are distinguished by their gut-like colouring and have the same specific weight and acoustic qualities as natural gut strings (in other words, the gauges to be used are the same). New Nylgut® can be considered the first ‘synthetic’ version of gut. It is characterized by an extraordinary stability of intonation to changes in humidity and temperature, considered superior not only to gut but also to nylon.

Rectified Nylgut, 0.97 mm.

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