Aquila 19O Turkish Oud "Reds" 3rd ee strings

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Aquila Turkish oud strings for the "Reds" set , 3rd course,  ee' pair. 

The third strings of the Arabic Oud sets (Ré, or D) and Turkish Oud set (Mi, or E), are usually wound strings that have always been difficult to produce, using the commonly available materials (silver-plated copper or varnished copper). To obtain the right tone with the right tensions, very thin windings had to be used, but these led to a fast deterioration of the string, making it more fragile than the rest of the set.

Thanks to a constant research on materials, Aquila Corde developed a special grey metallic wire for a new winding, completely hypoallergenic and designed to last longer and have better tonal balance than typical  wound strings for this position.


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