58.5 cm, C/D GAdgc&

58.5 cm, C/D GAdgc' tuning, low tension, plain g - LaBella

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A low tension set for a modified (5th course G) Arabic tuning at 58.5 cm. 

The 6th course is designed to  strike a workable balance with both C or up a whole step at D. 

If you use more D than C on the 6th  course, email me when you place your order so I can substitue a .039 for the .040. 

This set averages to  apprx. 3.28 kg

C/D .040w 
G .029w x2 
A .026w x2 
d .021w x2 
g .032RN x2 
c' .026RN x2 

For a 7 course for this set, use the high f' of .021RN.

This also makes for a good medium set at 60 cm, averaging 3.44 kg.


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