Aquila 62O Iraqi Oud "Reds" 1st ff&

Aquila 62O Iraqi Oud "Reds" 1st ff' strings NOS 10/2018

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Aquila Iraqi oud strings, "Reds,"  ff' pair. 

Very high quality Italian-made strings, with a distinct sound due to the use of Aquila's proprietary synthetic materials. These red clear trebles are made from a new  bio-plastic material derived from sugar canes. This series is recommended for a brighter and powerful sound.

Aquila changed the formulation slightly for the "reds" since this production run,   and in discussion with Aquila  staff on inventory compatibility, they've advised me, "The oud strings from 2018 you have probably are still playable but we do not have any replacement strings in case of breakages."
Sold as is.

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