oud strings.com to re-open: The official announcement

Now that things are in motion, Brian and I have released the following official statement:

Oudstrings.com  to re-open

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, May 10, 2021

Taos, NM -- The online retail service oud strings.com is scheduled to resume operations in June 2021 under new stewardship, according to previous owner Brian Prunka and new owner Mustafa Stefan Dill.

The service - which closed in July of 2020 - supplied not only strings and supplies to oud players of all styles across the globe, but valuable support and advice.

"I'm glad to have been able to help so many fellow oud players find the right strings," said oudist/guitarist (and former owner) Prunka. "But sometimes it's just time to move on. My primary work has always been performing and teaching, and I wanted to focus more exclusively on that."

Dill, also an oudist /guitarist, was a long time customer and felt the loss when the business shut down. "Brian's dedication to both service and product is unique, and I needed that when I acquired a new oud," said Dill. "It got me thinking that this was a void that needed to be filled again."

Dill, who also has a business and strategic communications background, reached out to Prunka to determine the status of the operation, and over the course of several conversations a plan and vision for the transition of the operation developed. A Small Business Administration (SBA) backed business loan from the New Mexico Loan Fund made the plan possible.

"Brian and I connected very well, and I'm honored to be entrusted with the legacy of what he created," said Dill. "We've also brainstormed a lot on where the business can go, and that's exciting."

"Mustafa and I had a lot of conversations about the business and his vision for serving the oud community," said Prunka. "I'm really glad that he’ll be the one to keep OudStrings.com alive, building on the work I started. As a fellow oud player who was also a longtime customer, I have a lot of confidence that he's is going to do a great job running OudStrings.com."

The operation will be relocated from Prunka's Brooklyn headquarters to Dill's home base of Taos, New Mexico. A detailed and smooth transition will take place throughout May, with an anticipated re launch of the oudstrings.com website by mid June.

For details, contact info@oudstrings.com .,and follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/stringsforoud for  updates.

Brian Prunka

Brian Prunka (photo credit: Shelley Thomas)



Mustafa Stefan Dill (courtesy photo)

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