an oud strings dot com update

I thought I'd share our latest news and bring everyone up to speed on  the latest developments....

Former owner Brian Prunka and I have been working very closely on the transition and the hand off -- going through his existing inventory, what else needs to be reordered, getting to meet and know the suppliers, etc.

After a lot of fine tuning, I'm pleased to announce that all the new arrangements with the factories and vendors have been set up, and initial orders for inventory from all the main brands have all been placed!

Everyone has been very helpful and accommodating in the process and walking me through how they like to do business.

Each manufacturer's production run and timing is different, so goodies should be arriving to my 'warehouse' over the next few weeks. In fact , one shipment just arrived today!

I don't want to fully launch the site without having as much as possible in place and ready to meet demand. Whatever everyone needs, I want to have for you on day one. With that parameter in mind, and accounting for the different production schedules and deliveries, I'm shooting for a mid July opening -- though I'm waiting to hear from one major manufacturer still on their delivery time.

Meanwhile, the website developers are busy building the site, and we have some new improved functionality in the works for you.... I'm very excited that it will be a good user experience!

some sneak peeks:

  • Ive retweaked the numbers for Godin sets and will have some of those on hand;
  • and one manufacturer has been developing a new prototype set for oud that we'll be the exclusive tester for - stay tuned!

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