Faraj Abyad signature set, low tension, 60cm, Turkish tuning (Pyramid)

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Faraj Abyad is an amazing singer/oudist based in New York City. His original compositions are firmly planted in -- but not enslaved by -- the old school song tradition, and he brings a depth of conviction to all he does.

His art demands some unique requirements: to match the range of his powerful voice, he tunes to the Turkish tuning of D G B e a d' - a whole step higher than the standard Arabic tuning, yet his playing style and touch is firmly old school Arabic preferring a low tension, and his instruments are the classic 60 cm Arabic scale length.

One of my first customers, we've been fine tuning the right sets for him, and wanted to share the results with all of the community.

 This is his low tension set:

D 1029@ 3.15 kg;
G 1018@ 3.12 kg;
B 1011@ 2.85 kg;
e 10065@ 2.96 kg;
a 725RN @ 3.1 kg;
d' 550RN@ 3.1 kg;

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